1969 Newsletter

Here are a couple excerpts from the Palmetto Region's first newsletter, dating back to 1969!

Chard's Corner
As this is the first newsletter, I would like to go back and give you a short history of the Palmetto Region, Porsche Club of America. In Nov. 1968, Dave and Babs Anderson, my wife, Diane, an I discussed the idea of forming a PCA region here in South Carolina. We began scouting the area for more Porsche lovers who felt as strongly about their cars as we did. After a month, we held our first organizational meeting at the home of Dave and Babs. By this time we were 9 strong and began thinking about a name for our organization. Palmetto Region was born.
In March 1969 we had the necessary 15 members to file a petition for a charter. The election of officers was held and the office of President was bestowed on me. I accepted with great pleasure. After several more months of work and planning, we were rewarded when we received the 76th charter granted by PCA. This was May 23, 1969. Our social committee, Frankie and Parker Stokes, began planning festivities at which time, July 19, 1969, our charter was formally presented to us by Dr. Leonard Turner. The following day, Roland Guadagni put on the presentation autocross at Millers Discount parking lot. The out-of-towners from Carolinas and Peachstate took home some of the silver. This event rounded out a real enjoyable weekend for all.
Since that time we have had more autocrosses, caravans to points of interest, dinner meetings at the homes of various members, and, most of all, a good time with our friends and cars. I have tried to give you a brief history of our region by pointing out highlights of its founding. We must continue to work hard for our future.
I think a thank you is in order to a fine gent, namely Mr. Hensley, manager of Miller's Discount Center west of the Ashley. Through his generosity we have enjoyed the use of the parking lot for all of our events, and the future looks bright for its use in coming events. So go out there and buy something and take the time to introduce yourself and thank him on behalf of the PRPCA, he will appreciate it.
Now a comment about our newsletter. A lot of preparation goes into something like this and without your contributions and cooperation it will fail. So I ask that you PCAers dig down in your memory bank and send your articles to the Editor. It is especially important that the Event Chairman, Committee Chairmen and Officers submit their writings. Lets get behind this thing; it will mean a lot to us.
In closing, your president would like to ask that we continue to promulgate good friendship and good sportsmanship so as to be a credit to the PCA and the marque. 
Warren Chard
Under The Palms
This being the 1st edition of our newspaper, there are many subjects that should be covered. First, I want to pay tribute to our president, Warren Chard. If it were not for his initiative, diligence, and unbounded enthusiasm for the little car, there would be no Palmetto Region. He literally shook the palms drumming up members and has given unselfishly of his time and talent in organizing this region. We owe him our gratitude and our continued full support and loyalty.
Another point which should be made is we must continue to grow. Things just don't stay the same. We may have members and potential members who are holding back to see what kind of an outfit this is before they commit themselves. The real challenge lies ahead.
My appreciation goes to all who have contributed to the newsletter. Finances permitting, the next one will be a professionally printed edition with pictures. Initially, the newsletter will be published quarterly, and we plan to go to press monthly in the not too distant future. I urge you to send in your articles and ads for publications.
Jess Lockaby, Editor