Palmetto News

2016 Officer Nominations

The officers nominating committee has selected the slate of officers for 2016. We are also taking nominations for any of the below positions for anyone that would like to run, please contact us with the position that you are interested in. We of course would also love some people to serve on the various committees like activity planning, please let us know of your interest.

The Newsletter Editor position is open, if you are interested or know of somebody, please let us know.

  • President
    • Ken Dasen
  • Vice President
    • Joe Carastro
  • Secretary
    • Rose Ann Boxx
  • Treasurer
    • Nicole Lefebvre
  • Membership
    • Al Trego
  • Webmaster
    • Josh Stolarz
  • Myrtle Beach Area Director
    • Todd Marshall
  • Newsletter Editor
    • Open