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Palmetto Anniversary Party - July 25th

The annual Anniversary Party will be held Saturday, July 25. We thought it would be a nice time for a little friendly competition with your Porsche friends and BBQ!  We'll be doing some kart races and have lunch at Charleston Rush off Ashley Phosphate.

The annual Anniversary Party to celebrate the establishment of the Palmetto Region PCA will be held on Saturday, July 25. At Charleston Rush (3550 Ashley Phosphate Rd, North Charleston), we'll have a grand prix electric kart qualifying/racing against the clock for those that are interested. The karts portion of the day is scheduled to start at 10 am so that we can do the kart racing by ourselves. The facility cannot shut down for private party on a Saturday or Sunday, but will open early so we can have some fun without public distractions. Their karts are set up where you race the clock, not each other. It will be structured with qualifying and then a final race. Anticipating each person to drive at least 3 races. Even if you don't want to participate, all are welcome to come watch the fun!

BBQ lunch will be served approximately 12 pm for those that that do not want to do karts with the group.  Pulled pork, 2 sides, tea, lemonade, cokes, and banana pudding. After lunch, you can choose to do more karts or lazer tag on your own ($8 per person).

Before we play, Charleston Rush will provide each participant a helmet, neck brace, and will do a safety talk before we start. If you plan to do the karts, when you RSVP, you'll be asked to enter your "name" to be displayed on the timing board. Get creative! Sounds like a set up for some good clean fun.

The cost of the event is $15 per person which includes your lunch. The cost of participating in the kart competition is $30 per person.

RSVP is required by July 21!

Disclaimer: Please note this activity is not endorsed, insured, or legally covered under any Club or national PCA policies.

2015 Anniversary Outing

Event Details

Event date 07-25-2015 10:00 am
Event End Date 07-25-2015 2:00 pm
Cut off date 07-22-2015
Registered 47 [View List]
Event Fee $15.00
Location Charleston Rush

We are no longer accepting registrations for this event

Registrants List

NUM First name Last Name #Registrants Register date
1 Matt Hoffmeier 1 07-21-2015
2 Nicole Lefebvre 2 07-21-2015
3 Paul Kemp 4 07-21-2015
4 Steve Kemp 2 07-21-2015
5 Charlie Barnett 1 07-21-2015
6 Albert Bione 1 07-21-2015
7 Fletcher Penney 1 07-21-2015
8 Jennifer Mills 2 07-20-2015
9 Derek Western 2 07-20-2015
10 Cliff Hudson 1 07-20-2015
11 Josh Stolarz 1 07-20-2015
12 Roger Knobe 4 07-20-2015
13 Connor mcintyre 1 07-18-2015
14 Mark Perry 2 07-13-2015
15 Alan Trego 2 07-13-2015
16 Ken Dasen 2 07-10-2015
17 Victor Lazarovici 2 07-07-2015
18 David Wertan 2 07-06-2015
19 Richard Boxx 2 07-06-2015
20 Joseph Carastro 2 07-06-2015
21 Mike Milbrandt 2 06-28-2015
22 Thompson Penney 1 06-28-2015
23 Dave Derecola 2 06-19-2015
24 Chris Smith 2 06-16-2015
25 kevin zemnickas 1 06-16-2015
26 Todd Confarotta 2 06-15-2015