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CERPCA Tea Plantation Tour

PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:25 pm
by jennmills
Coastal Empire Region PCA is planning a Drive and Tour of the Charleston Tea Plantation on Sunday April 21st. We would like to invite you and your members to join us for this fun event near you. Please see the attached flier. Anyone wishing to participate should respond to John Hobbs at [email protected].

Charleston Tea Plantation with estimated Time of arrival around 11:45AM. We have a private designated parking area near a Pavilion where we will have Lunch after the Trolley tour. Pack and bring your own Lunch. (No alcohol permitted)

We will proceed with the trolley part of the tour before lunch; trolley will leave at 12:15AM. The Trolley and Factory tour cost is $15.00 per person. Please have this available in cash so we can collect all the money at the Pavilion prior to getting on the trolley in order to save time. They will have a devoted trolley for the CERPCA group.

The trolley will take us into the fields to experience the fresh tea leaves being collected, to see the beautiful grounds and learn the history of the Plantation. We will then go back to the Pavilion area for our Lunch prior to taking the factory tour where the entire tea making process is shown and explained.
After the factory tour we will visit the Tea Shoppe to taste and purchase American Classic Tea and other fine items.