2007 Walterboro Rally and Cookout August 18th

Walterboro Rally Cookout

On August 18th we will be holding a Rally starting at the Sears parking lot in West Ashley and ending at the home of the Dasen's in Walterboro where they will be hosting a cookout. We will be starting at noon on Saturday the 18th from Sears at the Citadel Mall. The cost for the event is $10 per car.

Points will be given to all participants in the Rally, and of course extra points for the winner. The points will count towards the Competitor of the Year award, which has been resurrected this year. So everyone come on out, and start earning those points.

For those that are not interested in the Rally, you are welcome to come to just the cookout, which will be begining at 3:30 pm, directions are here. Food and drink and drink will be provided and of course feel free to bring anything along that you might want to drink or cook.

For some info on exactly what a Rally is and some tips, check out an article that was posted in the November 1981 Palmetto Pipes.





Obey the Speed Limt

Remember a rally is NOT about the fastest time....