Palmetto News

February Meeting on the 10th at 7pm

The February meeting will be at Miyabi's on the 10th at 7pm. Directions Here..

January Meeting on the 13th at 7pm

The January meeting will be at Smokey Bones on the 13th at 7pm. Directions Here..

Palmetto PCA 2009 Calendars

We put together a calendar for 2009 with some of the member’s cars as the month’s features. 
They are for sale online here.

Dinner and Christmas Lights - Dec 14th

There will be a informal gathering for dinner and a drive thru the James Island Holiday Festival of Lights on the 14th at 5pm. More details here..

Myrtle Beach Sunday Drive Dec. 7th

The Myrtle Beach Sunday drive will be Dec 7th, more details here..

November Meeting on the 18th at 7:00pm

The November meeting will be held at Gilligan's on Johns Island on the 18th at 7:00pm. Directions Here..

2009 Palmetto Officer Nominations

The nominations for the 2009 Palmetto Officers is now open. If your interested in running for a position, please submit your interest here.

Autometrics Dyno Day - December 13th

Autometrics will be hosting a Dyno day on December 13th. More info here..

Myrtle Beach Sunday Drive October 12th

The Myrtle Beach group is having their Sunday drive and lunch on October 12th. More details

Oktoberfest Party October 17th

This years Oktoberfest is planned for Oct 17th, a Friday night at 7pm. More details here.

Myrtle Beach Rally Weekend Nov 8th

A Myrtle Beach Rally Weekend is being hosted on Nov 8th and 9th. More details here..