Highlands Driving Tour

Palmetto PCA Events


The Palmetto Region has the opportunity to join our fellow PCA Peachstate Members for a great driving tour. 

July is a good time to go to the mountains where it will be a bit cooler, so we are headed for Highlands, NC, where amazing mountain roads will await us. This tour will begin on Saturday, July 30th with sign-in at the Chick Fil-A located at 6085 Northpoint Parkway in Alpharetta, GA. Sign-in will begin at 8:30, and we will plan to depart at 9:00, so please be on time. We recommend to reserve a room at the The Hotel at Avalonhttps://www.marriott.com/en-us/hotels/ATLRE-the-hotel-at-avalon-autograph-collection/overview/  is only 2.5 miles away from the Chick Fil-A meeting point. Other hotels in different price categories are available nearby as well.

Peachstate PCA is the featured car club for the Caffeine and Chrome at Gateway Classic Cars in Alpharetta on July 30. Tour participants cannot participate in that event as they are required to stay from 9:00 until 11:00, but we will stop there to visit with and support other club members who are participating in that event. 

From there we will drive up to Clayton where we will get on War Woman Road. If you missed out on going to the Tail of the Dragon in June you can make up for it by doing this tour because you will think you went to Tail of the Dragon after driving it. War Woman Rd ends at Hwy 28, which we will take north to Highlands, NC. This road is just as curvy as War Woman Rd and gains elevation all the way to Highlands. The combination of these two roads makes for a very fun day at the wheel.

Once we arrive in Highlands we will park anywhere we can find parking along Main Street and you will be on your own to go to lunch in any of the many good restaurants there. We did try to find one big enough to handle our group and their normal busy in-season traffic, but that just wasn’t to be. After lunch do some shopping, or get some ice cream of chocolate, and you will be on your own to return home at your leisure.