Very clean and original 1986.5 928 S. I have owned it for 9 years now and tried to keep it as original as possible, it has a couple upgrades, but I kept all the original parts. Just completed the timing belt service and oil change, it's ready to go.

The most recent service to the car was within the past couple months was a new timing belt, AC belt, hatch struts, CV joint rebuild and oil change (Amsoil 15w50). Over the years I have done all the maintenance to it, it’s had valve cover gaskets, intake gaskets, AC conversion, fuel filters, new shocks/struts, brake calipers/pads, brake lines, brake master cylinder, fuel lines, ignition tune up, power steering hoses and flush and replace with Pentosin, I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, but basically everything that needed to be maintained or replaced was done.

There are only two things that are not working right now, the windshield washer pump, it needs to be replaced, the original Y pipe out of the tank was metal which rusted and put rust into the pump, I replaced the Y with a plastic version, and the Cruise control is intermittent, the Cruise control circuit board needs to have the solder reflowed, common issue with the cruise.

The body is in really good shape, no rust, just a couple rock chips here and there that have been touched up. It has no accidents in it’s history that I’m aware of, the Carfax when I bought it was clean. Interior is in great shape, no rips or tears and the dash is crack free. Currently just over 80k miles

List of the mods I have done over the years, I kept all the original parts so they could be put back on if wanted, also no wiring was ever altered on the car.

• Electric Fan
• Porken ECU Chip
• 928 S4 fuel pressure regulator
• Fuel injectors replaced with modern versions from Ford Motorsports
• Porken Timing Belt tensioner (auto tensioning)
• Ott X-Pipe (no cats, can be added to the X-Pipe)
• Rear muffler delete
• Smog pump removed
• Blaupunkt radio (custom wiring harness adapter created so no wires were altered)
• Added sound deadening
• Hybrid audio speakers
• H4 Euro Headlights

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Josh Stolarz
Johns Island
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